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| Last Updated:14/05/2024

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LIVE: India's active Covid-19 cases below 200,000


UPDATED ON JAN 20, 2021 10:18 AM IST

The global caseload of Covid-19 has crossed 96 million while death toll has breached the 2 million mark, the Johns Hopkins University tacker shows.


India's tally of cases for the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is at 10,595,660 after the Union health ministry on Wednesday reported that the country recorded 13,823 new infections in the preceding 24 hours. India has the second-highest Covid-19 caseload after the United States, where fatalities due to the infection have crossed 400,000, according to Johns Hopkins University's coronavirus tracker. The US has recorded over 24 million Covid-19 cases thus far, the tracker shows.


Meanwhile, amid concerns over efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines, especially Covaxin, the government on Tuesday stressed yet again that the vaccines were safe, with Dr VK Paul of the Niti Aayog remarking that "vaccine hesitancy has to extinguish before the pandemic extinguishes." Of the two vaccines cleared earlier this month, concerns have risen over Bharat Biotech International Limited's Covaxin, which was given emergency use authorisation (EUA), allegedly even before completing phase 3 trials of the vaccine.