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| Last Updated:14/05/2024

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Mizoram’s Covid-19 recovery rate crosses 99%

 Staff Reporter: Aizawl, Feb 2:


Mizoram’s recovery rate in Covid-19 today reached 99.08 percent.


Mizoram has so far detected 4,373 Covid-19 patients from which 4,333 have been discharged from hospital till date.


With one more patient detected during the last 24 hours, from1,234 samples tested, the State’s the number of active cases today stood at 31.


The new patient was a 19-year-old girl, who was tested positive during a mandatory test before being admitted to hostel. The source of her infection is being traced, official statement said.


 (Source: Newslink Vol-XXIII No. 21 Aizawl, February 3, Wednesday 2021)