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| Last Updated:16/07/2024

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Lawngtlai DC Issued Order for Visitors of Lungmak/ Lungmawi


Lawngtlai District Magistrate & Deputy Commissioner Dr Andrew H. Vanlaldika issued an order for the safety of the visitors of Lungmak / Lungmawi. This order is issued base on Disaster Management Act 2005, Section 34.


Visitors of Lungmak/ Lungmawi are not allowed to go to bed on rock at night. Any undecomposed waste should not be left around the mentioned place. A prior permission from Lawngtlai DC is required for river crossing, repelling, etc. After taking permission, an arrangement will be made with the Disaster Quick Response Team (QRT).


The visitors are not allowed to stay at night between New Tuidangchhuah sands area and Lungmak/Lungmawi. Any visitors must report name and address to the VCP of Hruitezawl before visiting (Hruitezawl VCP contact No. : 8132042301). Those who violate the order may get punishment as per DM ct, 2005 Section 51. The order is valid from 3rd February, 2021.


(Source:The Mizoram Post Vol 18 Issue 237 Aizawl Friday 05 February 2021  )