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| Last Updated:30/05/2024

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Bamboo Plantation drive by Assam Rifles on 06 Feb 2021


Considering the manifold benefits of Bamboo plantation which includes maintaining the biodiversity and ecological balance gelled with providing first line of obstruction to illegal trafficking across Indo-Myanmar Border, a Bamboo Plantation Drive was organized by the Aizawl Battalion of Assam Rifles under the aegis of 23 Sect Assam Rifles/ Inspector General Assam Rifles(East) on 6 Feb 2021. This drive was aimed at encouraging Bamboo plantation all along the Indo-Myanmar Border and area alongside to strengthen the ecological balance in the state of Mizoram.


During the said Bamboo plantation drive due focus was given on plantation of Bambusa bamboo also known as Giant Thorny Bamboo or Indian Thorny Bamboo. These are a species of tropical dense clumping bamboo native to Southeast Asia. The fast growing, strong woody culms of Bambusa bamboo have an average diameter between 10-18 cm, and are between 20-30 m tall. Bambusa bamboo prefers a humid tropical climate and grows best along river banks or river valleys with a rich, moist soil. It reaches its best development in moist deciduous forest. These bamboo are throng and dense and hence are apt for creating obstacle in free movement and will certainly go a long way in upliftment of the border areas due to its rich economic value. It's Culms are used for house construction, scaffolding, rafters, thatching and roofing, handicrafts and art objects, basket making, bows and arrows, furniture, floating timber and rafting, cooking utensils and fencing.


The raw material of this bamboo is also an important source for paper pulp and panel products. Shoots and seeds are edible and leaves are used as fodder and medicine. These bamboo in long run will provide income source to the people residing in border villages.


Bamboo thus has a potential to transform the Mizoram's rural economy and contribute to the sustainable development efforts of the country and State. Total of 03 Offrs and 85 JCOs/ OR participated in the subject event and planted 960 bamboo saplings in all COBs/POB( Ngopa, Mimbung , Kawlbem , New Vaikhawtlang and Hnahlan).


This multi-faceted effort by Assam Rifles with numerous environmental and economic benefits was well received by the people at border villages. The village chiefs and general public appreciated the efforts of Assam Rifles and requested them to continue with such socially and economically advantageous events in future.


(Source: The Mizoram Post Vol 18 Issue 240 Aizawl Monday 08 February 2021