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| Last Updated:30/05/2024

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DVO Champhai Visited Mithun Rearing In Vangtlang Village


DVO Champhai Dr. B. Zonghinga visited the step taken in Mithun rearing in the village of Vangtlang, Khawzawl district yesterday.


He also inaugurated Shelter of Mithun, house for the keeper and water feeding under ‘Mithun Shelter Community Level and Water Supply Facility for Grazing Area’ under A.H & Vety. Department, Champhai District, FOCUS Project through the first instalment of Fostering Climate Resilient Upland Farming System in the Northeast (FOCUS) project.


Mentionable, there are 20 villages where Mithun is rearing in Undivided Champhai district. An assistance for mithun rearing is distributed under FOCUS project to the mithun rearer in the selected 10 villages - Kawlbem, Vangtlang, Hnahlan, Tualcheng, Khuangleng, Lianpui, Sazep, Vangchhia, Samthang and Farkawn. As many as 8 family members are there in Vantlang village who are engaged in mithun rearing.


DVO Champhai was accompanied by Dr. Phillip Lawmsangzuala, VO Khawzawl, Dr. M.S Dawngliana, VO Champhai and other officials.


(Source: The Mizoram Post Vol 18 Issue 244 Aizawl Friday 12 2021