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| Last Updated:18/04/2024

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Man charred to death as house catches fire


A 73-year-old man was charred to death as his house caught fire at Ruallung village in Mizoram’s Saitual district on early Sunday, sources said. The incident occurred at around 4:30 am while the victim Bawihkima along with 8 other occupants were still fast asleep in a two storey Assam type building. The fire started from the ground floor of the building, which was used for a furniture workshop.


When the family members, who were sleeping upstairs heard the sound of fire, they ran outside the house.


Suddenly, the victim turned back to the burning house to take their money box and was charred to death by fire. The fire was believed to be caused by electric spark.


Saitual MLA and minister R. Lalzirliana rushed to the spot and announced that any compensation permissible under the government will be given to the victim's family.


He also donated Rs 50,000 to the local leaders for community works.


(Source: The Mizoram Post Vol 18 Issue 268 Aizawl Monday 08 March 2021