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| Last Updated:24/01/2024

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Fire renders 15 families homeless in Aizawl

 Staff Reporter: Aizawl, Mar 14:


Massive fire gutted eight buildings at Maubawk locality in southern periphery of Aizawl in the wee hours of Saturday, leaving 15 families homeless.



Good worth lakhs of rupees were reduced to ashes as none of the families managed to save any goods from the fire, which was believed to have been caused by electric short circuit forma  poultry shed attached to one of the houses.


Fortunately, no loss of human lives were reported. Two pigs, 18 chickens and one dog were reportedly killed by the fire.


The 15 families comprises of 61 people. The affected families were provided temporary shelter at the locality’s community hall and other government buildings.


(Source: Newslink Vol-XXIII No. 53 Aizawl March 15, Monday 2021)