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| Last Updated:14/05/2024

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Certain areas in Aizawl declared as Containment areas


With the number of Covid19 positive cases rising in Mizoram’s capital city Aizawl, certain localities have seen a steady rise of the virus more than others. As such, such areas were declared as containment areas by the Aizawl DC as per the regulation 1 1 (1) of the Mizoram Epidemic Diseases (COVID- 19) Regulations, 2020 starting May 7, 2020.


In these areas, other than personnel with special permits, no one will be allowed to enter or leave the locality.


The areas declared as containment zones are as follows-

Tuivamit: (i)Tuivamit - Neuva Section, Hrangchala Road, Ramrikawn to Pu Hrangchalas house (ii) Central Jail Veng - Taitesena section, from Pu Kapenga’s house to Bag Bahadura’s house.


Kanan Veng: (i) Upper Kanan - Pu P. Liannghawra house to Pu C. Ngurhuapzauva house including R. Pakunga house (ii) Lower Kanan - Pu Ramthanga (L) house to Pu K.L Rohlua house including Pi Lalnunmawii house.


Chhinga Veng: (i)Pu Z.V. Lalmawia, Sakawrpului (H.No. A-2/9) house to Pu VL Rawna house (H.No.A- 1/1) (ii) C. Darkunga In (H/No. A-2/10) house to Hrangthanglura (H/No. M-2/13) house.


Bethlehem Veng: (i)In the lower lane Pu Lalhruaitluanga Hmar house (H/No. K-105), College Road from Pu Lalthlamuana Fanai house (H/No. K-101) upto College Road. (ii) B. Lalrintluanga (H/No. K-l) house to Lalnunsiama Sailo In (H/No. K4) Mualzawl house, Pu Khuangchhinga (H/ No. C-l) house to C. Lalringliana (H/ No. C-3) Mualzawl house. (iii) R. Vanlalhlua (H/No. K-29) house to Bethlehem Vengthlang road leading to Pu C. Vanthuama house (H/No. Kl38).


Bethlehem Vengthlang : (i) C. Lalrinawma (H/No. CR- 5), College Road house to TC Vanlalhruaia (H/No. CR-15) College Road house. (ii) Pu TC Vanlalhruaia (H/No.CR-15) College Road house to TDR Lane Lalengthanga house (H/No. CRT -24).


(Source: The Mizoram Post Vol. 18 Issue 324 Aizawl Friday 07 May 2021