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| Last Updated:20/05/2024

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Siaha Town Being De-Contained


Due to a spike in Covic-19 positive cases during RAgT Random Test carried out at focal localities in Siaha town on 3rd May, 2021, Kesavan R, Chairman DDMA & Deputy Commissioner, Siaha district henceforth declared Siaha Town as Containment Zone the on the same day.


Since then on, Medical Teams, Siaha swung into action to contain Covid-19 Community Spread and to prevent its further spread to other parts of Siaha Town, by tracing out all the primary and secondary contacts of Covid-19 positive and and all of them were quarantined either in CQC or under HQ. Medical teams, under Covic-19 Cluster Operation drive, had conducted RAgT Random Test in all the localities where Covid19 positive cases were detected, during this containment period, and it appears that the concerted efforts of Medical Teams and VLTF have resulted in breakage of chain of transmission of Covid-19 virus and contain further community spreads. Therefore, after duly consulting CMO, Kesavan R, Chairman DDMA & DC Siaha district, revoked the Order which declared Siaha Town as Containment Zone the 13th May, 2021.


(Source: The Mizoram Post Vol. 18 Issue 332 Aizawl Saturday 15 May 2021