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| Last Updated:20/05/2024

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Cyclone Tauktae: 4 killed in mishaps as dust storm hits Karachi

 ANI / May 20, 2021, 15:04 IST

KARACHI: At least four people were killed in different mishaps in Karachi as a severe dust storm hit the city
accompanied by light drizzle on Tuesday afternoon under influence of Cyclone Tauktae.

Trees, electricity poles and signboards were uprooted in various parts of the city, strong winds blew away corrugated roofs of many houses, reported Gulf News.

The causalities included a nine-year-old boy who died when the roof of his home collapsed. The Meteorological Department recorded seven millimetres rain in the city following the dust storm.


The dust storm lashed the city under the influence of a severe tropical cyclone Tauktae in Southeast Arabian Sea that made landfall in the Indian state of Gujarat.

The dust storm and drizzle came after a spell of intense heat wave. The maximum temperature on Monday in the city was 43.5 degree Centigrade, reported Gulf News.

Slippery conditions on the main roads of the city due to drizzle caused several accidents. Concrete and metallic structures collapsed in several areas of the city endangering human lives. Several people sustained injuries due to accidents related to the dust storm, reported Gulf News.

Several parts of the city were deprived of electricity as the dust storm severely damaged the electric supply infrastructure in the city.