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| Last Updated:22/04/2024

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Total lockdown extended in Aizawl, Lunglei till June 7


Mizoram on Saturday announced the extension of complete lockdown in Aizawl or Aizawl Municipal Corporation (AMC) area by another 7 days till 4 am of June 7. Lunglei district administration also on Sunday announced full lockdown in the district headquarters. Commencing from May 10, total lockdown has been imposed not only Aizawl but also other district headquarters to break the chain of Covid-19 transmission.


The complete lockdown has been extended for at least two times and was scheduled to be lifted at 4 am on Monday.


The order issued on Saturday said that lockdown was extended for another 7 days in AMC area, deputy commission of other districts were given the authority to impose stringent restrictions or lockdown in their respective areas depending on the Covid-19 situation if necessary.


The order said that majority of Covid-19 cases detected in the recent days were from AMC area.


"The imposition of lockdown for a further period of 7 days is necessary in AMC area to prevent further escalation of cases and overburdening of healthcare facilities," the order said.


As restrictions on certain activities is still require in other parts of the state to contain the spread of Covid-19, specific order based on the local needs is issued so as to alleviate the hardship faced by the general public in places other than AMC area, it said.


According to the new order, people residing within AMC area should not step out of their homes or compounds during the lockdown.


Shops dealing with essential commodities in AMC area will be allowed to open every day till 8 am and those dealing in agricultural seeds and equipment, school textbooks, motor workshops and spare parts will open on Tuesday between 5 am and 5 pm.


Shops dealing with construction materials, computer, mobile will be opened on Friday between 5 am and 5 pm, it said.


Vegetable and meat markets are allowed to open on Friday, the order said.


Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, dispensaries, bank and non-banking financial institutions, post offices, filling stations, LPG store houses, fair price shop, animal feed store are exempted from total lockdown.


However, economic and other agricultural activities outside AMC area will function normally under strict adherence to Covid-198 protocols, the order said.


All places of worship, educational institutions, public parks, picnic spots, movie theatres, gymnasiums, community halls, restaurants, shopping complexes and malls will continue to remain close in all parts of the state.


Besides, all government offices barring few will remain close during the extended complete lockdown in Aizawl.


However, government offices and commercial banks will be allowed to open under strict Covid-19 protocols outside the jurisdiction of AMC area.


Only 30 attendees are allowed at funerals and wedding receptions in all parts of the state. According to the order, state residents or visitors should enter the state only through those entry points currently opened by the state government.


Intra-state or inter-village movement is strictly prohibited except under medical emergencies and exceptional cases, it said.


In the meantime, Lunglei district magistrate on Sunday issued an order imposing lockdown in the district headquarters Lunglei, which will remain in force till 4 am of June 7.


(Source: The Mizoram Post Vol. 18 Issue 348 Aizawl Monday 31 May 2021