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| Last Updated:16/07/2024

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India reports less than 200,000 daily new Covid cases for 7 consecutive days

 By Rhythma Kaul

PUBLISHED ON JUN 03, 2021 08:37 AM IST

On Wednesday, India reported 134,026 new cases, and the number of new deaths also fell below 3,000 (2,887) after several weeks


India has reported less than 200,000 daily new cases of the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) for 7 consecutive days, shows Union health ministry data.


On Wednesday, India reported 134,026 new cases, and the number of new deaths also fell below 3,000 (2,887) after several weeks.


The country has been witnessing a continuous fall in the active caseload, with 1,793,645 active cases reported on Wednesday; and with a net decline of 101,875 cases, making the active cases now only 6.34% of the country’s total positive cases.


“The infection is stabilising and many of the districts that earlier were reporting heavy case load are now showing tremendous improvement in the daily numbers. It is an encouraging trend,” said a senior government official, on condition of anonymity.


India’s daily recoveries continue to outnumber the daily new cases for the 21st consecutive day, with 231,456 recoveries registered on Wednesday.


According to the Union health ministry data, out of the total number of persons infected with Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, 26,179,085 people have recovered from the viral disease. This constitutes an overall recovery rate of 92.48%, which is showing an increasing trend.


The number of tests conducted to detect Covid-19 has also sped up over the past couple of months, also contributing to the decrease in test positivity.


A total of at least 2 million (2,019,773) tests were conducted on Wednesday in the country and cumulatively, India has conducted more than 350 million (350,057,330) Covid-19 tests so far.


“While on one side, testing has been enhanced across the country, a continued decline in weekly case positivity is noticed,” said health ministry in a statement.


Weekly positivity rate is currently at 8.21% while the daily positivity rate has reduced and is at 6.57%. It has remained less than 10% for 10 consecutive days now. Positivity rate is the proportion of Covid tests returning positive out of the total tests conducted over a period.