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| Last Updated:20/05/2024

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85% of positive cases transmitted through interaction with friends and family:MOT



The Medical Operational Team on Covid19 in a meeting with the Health Minister Dr R Lalthangliana gave a report on the study of localities in Aizawl that had high Covid19 positive rate in the second wave of the pandemic.


There were 14 localities that were affected severely by the virus, in these localities, 15, 837 samples were tested out of which 2, 522 were Covid19 positive. As per the assessment made by the team, it was found that those who wore their mask regularly and as per instruction were free from the virus. It was also found that localities which followed the government SOP dutifully had low rates of positive patients.


On the cause of transmission, it was found that 85% of positive cases were a result of families and friends visiting each other, and also a result of interaction with relatives and neighbors. As per the IDSP report, there were 9520 positive cases between April 1 to June 7. Out of these, 1, Mizoram reports 317 new Covid-19 cases, 2 deaths 325 (April – 692, May – 609, June – 24) patients were returnees and travellers from other states entering Mizoram.


The number of patients that were positive as a result of contact or community transmission was 5376 (April – 573, May – 3768, June – 1035). 56% out of the Covid19 patients were symptomatic while 44% were asymptomatic. The second wave severely affected localities in Aizawl such as Chhinga Veng, Saron Veng, Electric Veng, Bethlehem Vengthlang, Bawngkawn, Ramthar, Bethlehem, Dawrpui, Chanmari and Tuithiang.


In the meeting, discussions were held on the need for stricter monitoring of Covid19 patients in Home Isolation, CCC and CCCC. It was decided that arrangements will be made to enable swift communication between the patients in these centres and the doctors in charge.


A scientific study team of doctors including pensioners has been set up to come up swiftly with the best care plans for Covid19 patients.


(Source: The Mizoram Post Vol. 19 Issue 13 Aizawl Wednesday 09 June 2021