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| Last Updated:22/04/2024

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DC held a meeting with Hnahthial DLTF and VLTF


Under the guidance of District Deputy Commissioner, Shri. H. Dolianbuaia conducted a meeting with District Task Force on Covid-19 and VLTF representatives at Office Conference on the issue of plying Auto rickshaw and taxi service during market day. Speaking at the meeting District Deputy Commissioner H. Dolianbuaia urged public of Hnahthial district, VLTF and government to work collaboration to combat against of Covi-19. Meanwhile Hnahthial SP, Lalbiakkila explained regarding SoP and take preventive measure of Covid-19. During the meeting Medical Nodal Officer Dr.R.Lalsanglura gave report of Covid -19 in Hnahthial District reveals one female age 23 has kept at quarantine after found positive and then treated at Covid Care Centre Hnahthial. As per report as many as 3299 sample tested from which 26 persons were infected and 25 persons has cured already. At present 13 persons kept at Govt. Quarantine Centre and 3 person allowed for Home Quarantine.


During the meeting proposed that market, shops will be open during this lockdown i.e. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and Hnahthial Auto Rickshaw Association were allowed for Service besides taxi service are permitted in these three days.


(Source: Source: The Mizoram Post Vol. 19 Issue 19 Aizawl Tuesday 15 June 2021