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| Last Updated:16/07/2024

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Mizoram launches integrated tech-based home care apps for home isolated Covid-19 patients


The Mizoram government on Wednesday launched a web- and android or mobile platform, ‘Nishtha Teletrack’ to closely monitor and manage mild and asymptomatic Covid-19 positive patients under home isolation.


The model has been developed by National Health Mission in partnership with Johns Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynecology and Obstetrics (JHPIEGO) and was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


It is designed to be functional initially for 3 months.


Health minister Dr. R. Lalthangliana, who launched the platform through virtual mode on Wednesday said that the launch of the tech-enabled home-based model will make easier monitoring and management of Covid-19 patients, who are under home isolation.


He said the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the country and Mizoram is currently grappling with the second wave.


Due to the rise in Covid-19 positive cases, patients have to be treated at Covid-19 Care Centre (CCC) and Community Covid-19 Care Centre (CCCC) besides hospital, he said. Quoting the latest guideline issued by the Centre, Lalthangliana said mild and asymptomatic patients are being put under home isolation to decongest hospital and Covid-19 Care facilities.


He expressed hope that the new platform will be benefitted by the Covid-19 patients under home isolation.


The tele-track is a comprehensive, integrated tech-based home care model for persons under home isolation.


This web- and android-based platform will act as an enabler for effective monitoring and tracking of Covid-19 patients and will have functionalities for recording vitals of home isolated cases on a daily basis and provision of regular and needbased SOS telemedicine consultations with a pool of physicians.


It also has functionalities for digital reporting and generation of system alert in case a patient develops symptoms and requires a referral.


(Source: Source: The Mizoram Post Vol. 19 Issue 21 Aizawl Thursday 17 June 2021