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| Last Updated:22/04/2024

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Torrential rain floods Moscow streets and metro stations

 Reuters / Jun 28, 2021, 20:48 IST

MOSCOW: Torrential rain and strong winds swept through Moscow on Monday, uprooting trees, flooding streets, and bringing an end to a period of unusually high temperatures.

Powerful gusts tore off one roof which crashed onto cars parked on the street below in the centre of the city, video on social media showed.


The metro system halted some lines because of flooding, and downpours cut visibility. The main building of Moscow State University, a Stalin-era skyscraper, could not be seen through the rain from street level.


Lightning also started a fire at a power station just outside the city. Earlier this month, temperatures in the capital climbed to a 120-year record of 34.8 celsius (94.6 fahrenheit) in a heatwave across western Russia.