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| Last Updated:20/05/2024

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Heavy rain forecast to hit German flood regions at weekend

 AP / Jul 22, 2021, 15:20 IST

BONN: Germany's national weather service said on Thursday that regions hit by deadly floods last week could again see heavy rain at the weekend.

The DWD weather service said localized storms were likely from mid-day Saturday, expanding to large parts of Rhineland-Palatinate state later in the day.

Officials said late on Wednesday that the death toll from last week's floods in the western state had risen to 125.

Across Germany at least 174 people died in the floods, and 31 deaths were reported from neighboring Belgium, taking the total toll to 205.

Authorities have built a huge camp for rescue workers at the Nuerburgring race track. More than 4,500 civil defense workers, firefighters and soldiers have been deployed to help with clean-up efforts in the badly affected Ahr valley region of Rhineland-Palatinate.