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| Last Updated:30/05/2024

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ZMC Covid Ward and ICU stretched to limits say health officials


A review meeting on the COVID-19 situation in Mizoram, led by the Health Minister Dr R. Lalthangliana was held on Saturday at the SAD Conference Hall, MINECO. In attendance were Health Secretary R. Lalramnghaka and other top officials of the H&FW Department.


The meeting reviewed all issues related to the present Covid-19 situation in the State, including containment measures in place, status of vaccination across the state, stock of protective equipment & testing kits, and the situation at Covid-19 related healthcare facilities across the State.


With regards to Covid-19 healthcare facilities, it was reported that the lone Dedicated COVID Hospital in the state -Zoram Medical College (ZMC) continues to handle an influx of patients, with both the Covid Ward and the ICU stretched to their limits. The 50-bedded MRB DCHC, MINECO and the 40-bedded Kulikawn Hospital DCHC are also operating at full capacity, it was reported.


At the meeting, it was highlighted that the state has sufficient stock of Covid-19 drugs as well as protective equipment for healthcare workers. It is estimated that the State has 2 months stock of N95 masks, 10 months stock of 3 layer masks, 9 months stock of gloves, hand sanitizer stock to last the next 100 days and Sodium Hypochlorite stock to last a month. With a daily requirement of PPE Kits at 400, the State only has enough stock to last the next four days. However, the H&FW officials reported that the issue is under control, as they are working with the Commerce & Industries Department to source locally produced PPEs.


The State also uses 1500 Viral Transport Mediums (VTM) on a daily basis, and it was reported that there is enough stock to last the next 6 months. Daily requirements of Rapid Antigen Test kits stand at 12000, with enough stock at present to last another month.


It was also reported that the CPWD has almost finished construction of the 1000 LPM (Litres Per Minute) Oxygen Plant to be used by ZMC, with another 300 LPM oxygen plant also in the final stages of construction.


The meeting also discussed preparedness for an imminent third wave of COVID-19 that is predicted to hit the country anytime between September and October. Amid ongoing rise in Covid-19 infection in children, and widespread fears of the third wave hitting the younger generation hard, the Department reported that Child-friendly COVID Care Centres are being prepared in all Districts of the State. The number of children under 18 that tested positive for Covid-19 stands at 263 in April, 1460 in May, 2135 in June, 5624 in July, 6724 in August and 661 in the first three days of September.


At the initiative of the State IDSP, mass tests have been conducted in 79 localities/villages, with 1,02,397 samples tested so far, of which 3074 were found to be Covid-19 positive. Mass tests will continue to be conducted across the State, the meeting also reported.


(Source: The Mizoram Post Vol 19 Issue 101 Aizawl Monday 06 September