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| Last Updated:16/07/2024

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Plastic waste to be processed in Luangmual


Lalrinenga Sailo, AMC Mayor on Wednesday visited a Plastic Waste Management Centre in Luangmual. The AMC Mayor in his visit talked of the plans to process plastic in the AMC land in Luangmual and said AMC and Mizoram government had agreed to segregate plastic waste and process it in Luangmual. He further said that necessary equipment for cleaning and recycling has been made available in partnership with the government. Sailo said the main aim of the project was to process and recycle plastic wastes at this Plastic waste management centre instead of transporting the entire waste collection to Tuirial. The recycled plastic will be used for road construction as is done in certain other countries. Instead of selling the plastic wastes to be found in drains and corners of the city, it will be used as a revenue source, he said. The Southern areas of Aizawl will have a waste center in Hualngohmun with a budget of 16.64 crore. The AMC Mayor reported that the Chief Minister has also approved 2.75 crores for a new incinerator in Tuirial. He was accompanied by Laltlanzova Khiangte, Executive Councillor i/c Solid Waste Management Committee and AMC Councillors- John Zosangliana, David Zohmangaiha, Vanlalneia, B. Lalawmpuii, Chuauzikpuii, Lalfakzuala Chenkual and Zodingpuii.


(Source: The Mizoram Post Vol 19 Issue 105 Aizawl Thursday 09 September