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| Last Updated:24/01/2024

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All Mask Campaign launched in Khawzawl District


The All Mask Campaign was launched in Khawzawl District at the District Hospital. It was launched by the DC C.C. Lalchhuangkima who was also the Chief Guest of the program.


C.C. Lalchhuangkima at the program reported that the Health Minister through a virtual meeting launched the All Mask Campaign, and as a result, the same is being launched in the district. He said, according to experts, the rising Covid19 cases in Mizoram are a result of people’s carelessness in using masks. As per reports, 90% of Khawzawl district residents have received the first dose of the Covid19 vaccine while 75% have received the full dose. The Chief Guest further advised the public to use their masks even at homes especially for those residing with senior citizens and patients with serious ailments. To mark the launch of the campaign, mask packets were distributed to the Village Level Task Forces.


On Monday, a statewide campaign to re-sensitize citizens on the importance of wearing masks to combat COVID-19


'All Mask Campaign' that was slated to run till 20th October, was extended upto the 31st October.


The Health Minister of Mizoram Dr R. Lalthangliana announced the extension of the campaign at a virtual meeting held today with DCs, CMOs and DIPROs of all Districts in the State.


The key points to be followed by citizens during the ‘All Mask Campaign’ are:

•All citizens are requested to wear mask indoors at all times except while eating meals.

 • Citizens are requested not to dine together on a table, and have buffet meals instead.

•All citizens are requested to wear masks at all time in their respective offices/working areas.

• All citizens are requested to follow other CAB.

• All citizens are requested and advised to be more mindful in hand washing and use of sanitizers.


Some of the slogans for this campaign are:

•Wear a Face Mask so that you do not have to wear an Oxygen Mask.

• Face Mask protects you more than you realize.

•Wear Mask. Save Lives.


(Source: The Mizoram Post Vol 19 Issue 141 Aizawl Wednesday 20 October